What are the methods of polymerisation?

Following are the methods of polymerization:

i) Addition polymerization: In this polymerisation method, the same monomer gets added to the chain having either double or triple bonds. Polythene is an example of addition polymerization.

ii) Condensation polymerization: In this method of polymerization condensation reaction takes place between two different bi-functional or tri-functional mono units. Nylon is an example of condensation polymerization.

  • The main difference between addition and condensation polymerization is that in addition polymerization, the polymers are formed by the addition of monomers with no by-products.
  • In contrast, in condensation polymerization, the polymers are formed due to the condensation of more than one different monomers, resulting in small molecules such as HCl, water, ammonia, etc by-products.


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