What are the methods of preventing or reducing soil erosion?


Soil erosion is the natural process in which physical sources such as wind and water carry away the field’s topsoil. Soil erosion is an ongoing process that takes place either slowly or at an accelerating rate. It contributes to continuous topsoil erosion, ecological destruction, the collapse of the soil, etc.

  • Some causes of soil erosion are farming, grazing, mining, construction and recreational activities.
  • Soil erosion usually caused due to the removal of vegetation or any activity that renders the ground dry.
  • Soil erosion’s consequences are not just land loss. It has contributed to a dramatic rise in river contamination and sedimentation, which obstructs the water sources, resulting in a reduction in the aquatic organism population.
  • Degraded land loses the ability to carry water, resulting in floods.

Method to prevent soil erosion

The various methods for preventing and reducing soil erosion are:

  • Preventing excessive grazing.
  • Prevention of deforestation.
  • Plantation of trees and plants.
  • Mulch matting can be used to reduce erosion on the slopes.
  • Put a series of fibre logs to prevent any water or soil from washing away.
  • A wall at the base of the slope can help in preventing the soil from eroding.
  • Every household should have a proper drainage system so that water flows down into proper water collecting systems.

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