What are the properties of solids?

Matter can be categorized by physical and chemical properties. Matter is something that takes up space and has a mass. The three states of matter are solid, liquid and gaseous. In this article we will learn about solids.


A solid can be defined as a substance which exists in the solid state, which is one of the four fundamental states of matter.

Properties of Solid

Listed below are few properties of solid

  • In solids, particles are tightly or closely packed.
  • Solids are incompressible, meaning the constituent particle is arranged close to each other and because of that, there is negligible space between the constituent particle.
  • Solids are rigid, due to lack of space between the constituent particles which make it rigid or fixed.
  • Solids have definite mass, volume and shape due to which it has a compact arrangement of constituent particles.
  • The intermolecular distance between molecules is short.
  • The rate of diffusion in solids is very low.
  • Example of solids: eraser, book, ice, pencil etc.

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