Properties of Ultraviolet Waves

Ultraviolet is one of the electromagnetic radiation which is emitted by the Sun and is transmitted either in the form of waves or particles with varying wavelengths and frequency.

Following are the properties of ultraviolet waves:

  • The wavelength of ultraviolet waves is -1 x 10-8 to -4 x 10-7 metres.
  • The frequency of ultraviolet waves is -7.5 x 1014 to -3 x 1016 Hz.
  • The wavelengths of ultraviolet are shorter than the visible light.
  • Thick clouds can block UV rays.
  • A UV light is used as a disinfectant in hospitals and labs.
  • The near-ultraviolet is the closest to the visible light.
  • The far-ultraviolet lies between near and extreme ultraviolet regions.

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