What are the Soil Conservation techniques?


Some of the soil conservation techniques or methods are briefly highlighted in the below given answer.

Shelter Belts

  • To protect the soil cover from the wind movement, rows of trees are planted in the dry regions and coastal areas. This is known as shelter belts.

Contour Ploughing

  • To form a natural barrier to the water flowing down the slopes of a hill, ploughing is done parallel to the contours of a hill slope.


  • To protect the soil from rain wash, different crops are grown in alternate rows and are sown at different times.

Terrace Farming

  • This method involves growing crops by creating flat surfaces on steep slopes. This method of creating terraces or broad flat steps is known as terrace farming.
  • This method reduces soil erosion by reducing surface run-offs.

Contour Barriers

  • To collect water, Trenches are made in front of the barriers.
  • Soil, grass, and stones are used to build barriers along contours.


  • Soil moisture will be retained using the method of mulching.
  • A layer of organic matter like straw is used to cover bare ground between plants in this method.

Rock Dam

  • To slow down the flow of water, rocks are piled up.
  • This prevents gullies and more soil loss.

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