What are the sub-group for plant classification following kingdom?

The sub-group following kingdom in classification is Phylum for animals and Division for plants.

Division Thallophyte

The plant division without a well-differentiated body design. This means that the plant body is not differentiated from roots, stem, and leaves. They are commonly called algae, are permanently aquatic. Examples include Spirogyra, Chara, and Ulothrix.

Division Bryophyta

These are small terrestrial plants. They show differentiation in the body design, with stem, leaf-like structures, and root-like structures.

Division Pteridophyte

These are supposed to be the oldest vascular plants. The plant body is differentiated into roots, stem, and leaves, apart from having specialized tissue for conduction.

Division Phanerogamae

Phanerogams are seed-bearing plants. The plant body is well-differentiated with stem, leaves, and roots.

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