What did Bastille symbolize?

The Bastille was a fortress-prison in France. It was hated by all the people because it symbolized the despotic powers of the French King. People who had political disagreements with the King was imprisoned in Bastille. It showed the oppressive nature of the French King.

  1. Groups of hundreds of people stormed the prison and released its prisoners on 14th July, 1789.
  2. Bastille was demolished and its stone fragments were sold in the market.
  3. After the storming of Bastille in the summer of 1789, an important law came into existence. It was the abolition of censorship. Freedom of speech and expression was proclaimed as a natural right.
  4. Artists had made prints commemorating the events of Bastille.
  5. The storming of Bastille is seen by Historians as the chain of events which eventually led to the execution of French king.

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