What do you understand by renewable energy?

The demand for energy will rise with the rise in global population along with the ever expanding economies. Energy is essential for both economic and social development which in turn posses severe constrain on environment. The aspect of energy production and consumption goes hand in hand with exploring all avenues of clean energy, efficient energy, carbon sources and sinks along with biomass and their respective relationship to climate and natural resources One sixth of world’s energy requirement comes from bioenergy and this leads to large tracts of deforestation and loss of topsoil. Renewable energy and research based on this topic has become the most sought after topics as we are slowly approaching redline of both energy depletion and critical pollution point. We see lot of energy sources which are abundant in nature and even though after their use as they’re replenishing ones.

These energies are renewable energies. Among one of the most important renewable or sustainable energy is solar energy as it’ll be available as long as the Sun continues to shine and by the present estimation it’ll run for another five million years approximately. The solar energy referred as insolation is simply a kind of electromagnetic radiation and carries huge amount of energy in the form of heat. The other forms of energies are wind, bio-energy, hydro, tidal wave and geo-thermal The early societies or pre-industrial period dependent completely on what we now know as renewable energy sources.

The energy forms that these periods dependent upon we are mainly wind, solar and hydro. With the advent of rapid industrial growth the need and form of energy changed forever The renewable energy sources pose a challenge to the aspect of having almost similar or more energy output compared to conventional fuels as most of the prototypes that use renewable energy resources have low energy output and aren’t conducive to fast lanes of economic growth. The increasing dependence on low carbon energy sources might lead to a different kind of economic boost and may create new limits of on both research and economics growth.

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