What do you understand by the term adiabatic process?

The process in which neither heat enters into nor goes out the system is called adiabatic process. In this process the work is done at the expense of its own internal energy. If the gas expands adiabatically, the system works as well as its temperature decreases. On the other hand, if the gas gets compressed adiabatically, the system works on the system as well as its temperature increases. Let the gas expand by infinitesimal amount dv at almost constant pressure, the work done by the gas is given by . . Thermodynamic involves the study of state changes in the system as well as its variables. The thermodynamic process is the change in the state of the system from its initial to final state. The path of thermodynamic processes is determined by taking certain thermodynamic variables as constant. These variables are volume, pressure, temperature or heat transfer. The functions of the system are state functions as well as path functions. The state functions are the function that depends on the initial as well as final state of the system in thermodynamic process while path functions depend on the path of thermodynamic change The thermodynamic process involves a change in generally energy of the system. There are different types of thermodynamic processes like isothermal process in which temperature is taking constant while in isochoric process, volume is taking constant. The other two processes are isobaric in which pressure is constant as well as isobaric process in which pressure is constant. Here we’re discussing all about the adiabatic process. Let’s discuss on that .

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