What do you understand by the term dynamics?

Generally we know that velocity is nothing however the rate of change of displacement Velocity, V = $frac{Displacement}{Time}$ It is simply a vector quantity. Velocity may be positive or negative. Uniform Velocity: When a body covers equal displacement in equal intervals of time, the velocity is said to be uniform. Acceleration is absent if the body moves with uniform velocity
Dynamics is simply a branch of Physics, generally comes under mechanics. Mechanics is the science of forces as well as motions. It involves a relatively small number of basic concepts such as force, mass, length as well as time. From a few experimentally based postulates as well as assumptions regarding the connections between these concepts, logical deduction leads to quite detailed predictions of the consequences. Mechanics is one of the oldest physical sciences, dating back to the time of Archimedes. Mechanics continues to be a fascinating subject by continually expanding it is areas of applications .

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