What does constant acceleration mean?

When an object is moving then there is change in its speed and also its velocity. The change in speed is called velocity while the change in velocity is known as acceleration. ƒ€š‚ If an object is said to be in acceleration then its velocity is continuously changed. This is the state of acceleration. This is defined as the rate change of velocity with time.

This word acceleration is generally used to represent the increasing speed state.ƒ€š‚ It is not necessary to increase the speed, it also depends on velocity change and change in the direction of motion with time. This is the reason that it is a vector quantity which has both the direction and magnitude. Thus it can be occurred with increasing or decreasing or changing the direction of object motion.

Here we discuss about the different types of acceleration especially constant acceleration in which the velocity of moving object does not change in a particular period of time. Now we discuss its formula, motion graph, and some problem based on it.

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