What does electric charge mean?

The word ‘electric’ is derived from the Greek word ‘elektron’ meaning. amber. The existence of charges were known when charged particles were. produced by rubbing (due to friction) of suitable materials. These facts. are demonstrated by simple experiments. Electric charge can be defined as the characteristic of a unit of matter In order to verify that there are two states of electric charges, first take a rod of hard rubber and rub it with fur. Also rub glass rod with silk. Now, suspend this hard rubber rod with thread and bring glass rod close to the Rubber rod. Now in this experiment we’ll note that suspended rubber rod and glass rod will attract each other. Here, the rubber has charge which is opposite to the charge on glass rod. On the other hand if two hard electrified rubber rods are brought close to each other they repel each other and they’ve repulsive forces between them. This shows that glass rod and rubber rod have different electric charges This experiment confirms that the rod of hard rubber and glass rod have opposite electric charges. We can conclude from here that, Charges which are same type repel each other and charges which are of opposite type repel each other. It is shown in the figure below:. We can see many experiments in our daily life which show the conformation of the presence of electric forces which can be attraction or repulsion force; for example, comb our dry hair it shows attraction towards paper. Our body is also electrically charged when we rub our shoes on wool or carpet. All these examples show that there is presence of electric charges in nature. It can be of two types that are positive and negative. We know that electrons are negatively charged particles while protons are positively charged particles of atom. Two same charged particles always repel to each while oppositely charged particles attracts towards each other. So, the protons and electrons are shown attraction force for each other and atom remains electrically balanced. The attraction or repulsion force between particles of same or different charges produce the invisible force on them which creates an electric field. Now we discuss about the electric charges, induced charges, units, and all about electric field . .

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