What does polygon mean in Maths?

In a convex polygon:. . When we study about shapes, we come across with mainly two types of shapes-(1) Geometrical Shapes(2) Non-geometrical ShapesGeometrical shapes are the predefined shapes in geometry, while non-geomtrical shapes may be any arbitrary shape. Geometrical shapes may include square, rectangle, triangle, quadrilateral, parallelogram, rhombus, cube cuboid, pyramid, cone, sphere, circle and many more Polygon is also a very important geometrical figure. A two-dimensional closed figure bounded by three or more line segments is called as a polygon. The line segments forming a polygon are called its sides. It has three or more sides and three or more interior angles. The point of intersection of two consecutive sides of a polygon is called as the vertex of the polygon. The number of vertices of the polygon is equal to the number of sides. A line segment joining any two non-consecutive vertices is called its diagonal. Polygons are classified on the basis of number of sides -(1) Triangle (polygon containing 3 sides)(2) Quadrilateral (polygon containing 4 sides)(3) Pentagon (polygon containing 5 sides)(4) Hexagon (polygon containing 6 sides)(5) Heptagon or Septagon (polygon containing 7 sides)(6) Octagon (polygon containing 8 sides)(7) Nenagon (polygon containing 9 sides)(8) Decagon (polygon containing 10 sides)(9) Hendecagon (polygon containing 11 sides)(10) Dodecagon (polygon containing 12 sides)and so on. A sample image of a polygon is shown below –

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