What does projectile motion mean?

The motion of object in two dimensions is explained by two main principles that are kinematic principles and Newton’s laws of motion. The motion in two dimensions is called the motion of projectiles. The projectile object is one on which is moved under the force of gravity. Some examples of projectiles are like an object is dropped from its rest condition on which there is no effect of air resistance. An object is thrown from vertical under negligible effect of air resistance an object and if it is thrown in up direction at a horizontal angle is considered in a projectile motion.

So, we can say that a projectile is any object which is projected continues in motion under its inertia and force of gravity. Letƒ¢¢€š¬¢€ž¢s discuss the definition of projectile, its range equations, horizontal motion equation and reason for this motion, motion with air resistance, and problem based on it.

Here a welder cuts holes through a heavy metal construction beam with a hot torch. The sparks generated in the process follow parabolic path.

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