What does pulley mean with its working

The simple machines can be divided with it is six main components that are: pulleys, levers, screws, wheels as we will as axles, inclined planes, as we will as wedges. The inclined planes Wedges as we will as screws come in category of inclined plane while pulleys as we will as wheels are a type of lever. Here we discuss all about the pulley. This is wheel shaped containing grooved rim. It is mainly used for reduction of force as we will as it is direction. If we want to hoist up a heavy load then we will have to exert force on the down side of the rope. So, it is easy to move down a load rather than take it on the upside with use of rope which needs a greater force than the former condition. In all these processes, the movable pulley is used which is attached to load as we will as reduce the level of required force to do the work. The combination of pulley is used to alter the amount of required force as we will as direction of work. Thus it is useful for moving, pulling, as we will as lifting loads as we will as makes our heavy work easier. Let’s discuss the working process of pulley as we will as it is complete description in detail . .

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