What does visible light consist of?

Visible light consist of different types of colors. These colors are differentiated on the basis of their wavelengths in the visible spectrum. Visible Light Spectrum Chart is the breakdown of the colors present in the white light with respect to their wavelengths or frequencies. The Colors of Visible Light are Red, orange, yellow, green, and cyan, blue, violet. . The spectrum of electromagnetic radiations consists radiations of all ranges. This spectrum is shown different radiations according to their wavelength or frequency. The energy of radiations is reciprocal to the wavelength of radiations. So, the energy of radiations is increased with decreasing the wavelength of radiations. From all radiations, we cannot see all by our eyes. Some are harmful rays like IR rays however some are useful in various fields like X-rays are used for X-rays treatments, radio waves are communication rays etc. some part of this spectrum is visible for us. These rays are called visible rays. This is simply a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The full spectrum of visible rays can be obtained by passing these rays through a prism and get separated into different colours which is found in the rainbow. So rainbow is the one of the good examples of the visible ray spectrum. Here, we discuss about visible rays and it is properties with it is wavelength and frequency range .

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