What does white light spectrum consist of?

White Light Spectrum:
White light is a uniform mixture of all visible light. Natural light, like sunlight is considered to be white light and contains the entire visible spectrum. Pure white light contains all the colors of the rainbow. However a mixture of red, green and blue can also give the eye sensation of white. It makes all three types of color sensitive cell respond, just as pure white would. Most things do not give out their own light. We see them because of the fact that they reflect light from the Sun. To the eye, white daylight is a mixture of red, green and blue. Most things look colored in daylight because of the fact that they reflect only some colors and absorb the rest. In other words, they subtract colors from white In white light:A red cloth reflects red light however absorbs green and blue.
A yellow cloth reflects red and green light however absorb blue.
A white cloth reflects red, green and blue. It absorbs no colors.
A black cloth reflects virtually no light. It absorbs red, green and blue.

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