What Happens At The Synapse Between Two Neurons?

It is important understand what is synapse before answering what happens at the synapse between two neurons.

Synapse is defined as the point of contact between the terminal branches of axon of one neuron with the dendrite of another neuron.

Synapse is a structure in a nervous system.

Synapse Between Two Neurons Mechanism

Chemicals are released at the end of axon and this is caused by the electrical impulse. These chemicals cross the synapse and similar electrical impulses are created in the dendrite of the next neuron. Therefore, it can be said that the synapse allows the delivery of impulses from neurons to other cells.

This entire process takes place when neurotransmitter is diffused at the end points of the axon and towards the dendrite point of the other neuron. The chemo-receptors present in the dendron gets stimulated and the generation of signal continues.

Learn more about what is nervous system from the video provided:

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