What is angular acceleration?

We know that the rate of change of displacement with respect to time is called velocity of the object. But if there is simply a change in the velocity while the body is going in uniform circular motion, what can we call it? how can we Calculate it?Angular acceleration is the rate of change of angular Velocity with respect to time. It is simply a vector quantity It can be represented as:$alpha$ = $frac{mathrm{d}omega}{mathrm{d}t}$. = $frac{mathrm{d}^{2}theta}{mathrm{d}t^{2}}$ . . or$alpha$ = $frac{a_{t}}{r}$. where, $omega$ is the angular Velocityat is the linear tangential accelerationr is the radius of Circular path. When an object is in motion then it is velocity is changed continuously then it is called in acceleration state. We know that acceleration is the change in velocity of moving object with respect to time. When an object is moved on circular path then it is velocity is the angular velocity. The angular velocity is in the perpendicular direction of the rotational plane as well as it is related to the change in the angular speed as well as measure with unit as radians per second or revolutions per second. The angular acceleration shows the change in the angular velocity with time. It is not required to be this rotational acceleration in the same direction of angular velocity; for example, if a car is rolling on highway with increasing it is speed then the direction of angular acceleration is on the left side of the axis of the wheel as well as it becomes disappears when the car stops as well as maintained it is constant velocity. When it slows down then the acceleration is in the reverse direction. It also helps to give relation between circular motion as well as curve motion. Here, we’re discussing about the angular acceleration as well as it is mathematical formula, as well as relation with torque .

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