What is the other name for Multicostate Venation ?

Another name for multicostate venation is Palmate venation

Reticulate venation

This venation leaf contains a prominent midrib from which several secondary veins arise that branch and anastomose like a network. It is common in all dicot leaves. It is of two types. Pinnate reticulate venation (unicostate) and Palmate reticulate venation (multicostate)

Pinnate reticulate venation (unicostate)

There is only one midrib in the centre in this type of venation, which forms many lateral branches to form a network. Example: Mangifera indica, Ficus religiosa, Nerium.

Palmate reticulate venation (multicostate)

There are two or more principal veins arising from a single point in this type of venation, and they proceed outwards or upwards. The two types of palmate reticulate venation are divergent (all principal veins originate from the base and diverge from one another towards the margin of the leaf ) and convergent type(When the veins converge to the apex of the leaf)

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