What is diagonal relationship?

A diagonal relationship in S block elements exists between adjacent elements which are located in the second and third period of the periodic table. The properties of S block elements vary significantly when compared to the other elements of the sub-group they belong to.

Key points

  • The diagonal neighbours show a lot of similarities. Such a relationship is exhibited as you move left to right and down the group; the periodic table has opposing factors.
  • Diagonal relationships occur because of the different ways in which many atomic properties vary down groups and across periods of the Periodic Table.
  • In addition to the group and period relationships, the elements of s and p-block elements also exhibit diagonal relationships.


On moving diagonally across the periodic table, the elements show certain similarities which are however far less pronounced than the similarities within a group. The diagonal relationship is particularly noticeable in the elements of the second and third periods of the periodic table.

What is diagonal relationship


The diagonal relationship is due to the polarizing power, that is, ionic charge/ionic radius, being similar for the diagonally placed elements.


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