What is formed when halogens combine with each other?

Halogen forms various compounds, which are binary combinations of halogens among themselves and are called interhalogen compounds.

Interhalogen compounds

The halogens react with each other to form interhalogen compounds.

Cl2 +F2 → 2ClF (473K)

There are four types of interhalogen compounds:

  • Diatomic interhalogens (AX)
  • Tetratomic interhalogens (AX3)
  • Hexatomic interhalogens ( AX5)
  • Octatomic interhalogens (AX7)

Properties of Interhalogen Compounds

  • Interhalogen compounds are diamagnetic in nature
  • The physical properties of these molecules are transitional between their constituents.
  • The bond length depends upon the size of the constituent halogens.
  • The bonds formed between these compounds are more reactive than diatomic halogen bonds.

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