What is geometric shapes definition?

Geometric Shapes Definition: Geometry is a vast subject that is utilized quite often in our everyday life. It is a branch of mathematics dealing with shapes as we will as problems related to the shapes. We may define a shape as an outline or an external boundary of some object or surface. It generally does not tell about the material, texture as we will as color of the object or surface. The shapes that are able to fulfill particular geometrical conditions are known as geometrical shapes. Their detailed study is dealt in geometry If some object meets the requirements of a geometrical shape exactly or approximately, then the object is said to have that particular shape For example – The shape of a book is rectangle, the manhole lid is circle in shape, a birthday cap has shape like a cone This is due to the fact that we notice that book, manhole lid as we will as birthday cap are approximately similar to actual rectangle, circle as we will as cone respectively. In this article, we’re going to learn about different geometric shapes .

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