What is made out of ultra pure form of germanium?


Pure germanium is used to make transistors and semiconductor devices.


  • Germanium, a chemical element places between silicon and tin in Group 14 of the periodic table.
  • A hard, grey-white, lustrous and brittle metalloid acts in properties between metals and non-metals.
  • The element is mostly distributed in nature, but it’s too reactive to occur free.
  • Germanium has a diamond-like structure and its properties are very similar to the physical and chemical properties of silicon.

Uses Of Germanium

  • Germanium acts as a semiconductor, commonly doped with arsenic and other elements and used as a transistor in different electronic applications.
  • Germanium oxides have a high index of dispersion and refraction, making them ideal for wide-angle camera lenses and microscope objective lenses.
    It is also used as an alloying agent in contact with fluorescent lamps and as a catalyst.
    Infrared spectroscopes use germanium and germanium oxides because they are transparent to infrared radiation.

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