What is malleability?

Malleability, or the property of being wrought under the hammer, belongs to many of the metals in an eminent degree, and upon it their utility in a great measure depends. It varies according to temperature.

Malleability implies susceptibility of extension under the hammer or the rolling-press. This property belongs to some of the metals, as gold, silver, iron, copper, &c., but not to all; and it is of vast importance to the arts and conveniences of life.

A malleable metal may be stretched in all directions without fracture occurring, and this property is essential in the processes of rolling, spinning, wheeling, raising, flanging, stretching and shrinking. In the operation of beating or hammering metal on a steel block such as planishing an action takes place at each blow wherein the metal is squeezed under the blow of the hammer and is forced outwards around the center point of the blow.

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