What is motion and its importance?


Motion is defined as a change in an object’s location in relation to its surroundings over a period of time. Motion can be observed in every aspect of our lives. In other terms, we say a body is in motion when it moves.


We will state that a boy is in motion if he is walking down the street from his school to his home.

Types of motion

Motion is categorised into the following types based on the nature of the movement.

Types of motion



Translational motion

In this type of motion, an object moves along a path in any of the three dimensions.


Rotational motion

In this type of motion, an object moves along a circular path about a fixed axis.


Linear motion

It is a type of translational motion where the body moves in a unique direction along a single dimension.


Periodic motion

It is the type of motion that repeats itself after regular intervals of time


Simple Harmonic motion

It is the type of motion like that of a simple pendulum where a restoring force acts in the direction opposite to the direction of motion of the object.


Projectile motion

This type of motion has a horizontal displacement as well as vertical displacement.


Oscillatory motion

The motion is repetitive in nature within a time frame. If it is mechanical in nature it is called vibration.

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