What is motion and its importance?

Motion is one of the important topics of Physics. We know that if we are not in moving state but still earth is moving. Motion is the part of the mechanics branch of Physics. Many laws are given for describing the concept of motion and change in motion. The motion and change in that is described in terms of force which is required for making an object in motion state. Some basic terms for describing motion are speed, velocity, acceleration etc. when an object is moved in circular path then its motion is circular motion.

The uniform circular motion describes as the motion of an object in a circular path with a constant speed. When an object is moved in circular path then its direction is changed continues with constant speed. Or it is moved in the tangent direction of the circle while the velocity is in the direction of motion of an object which is also in the tangential direction. Letƒ¢¢€š¬¢€ž¢s discuss about that and equation of motions and problem based on that.

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