What is periderm? How does periderm formation take place in the dicot stem?

Periderm is the outer layer of the bark of a tree. Let us know about the composition and formation of periderm.

Composition of periderm

Phellogen, phellem, and phelloderm, all together make up the periderm. Non-technically, the secondary phloem and periderm are collectively called the bark of a tree.

Formation of Periderm

In woody plants, cork cambium is the outermost lateral meristem. Cork cambium, also called phellogen, is another meristematic tissue developed in the cortex region. Due to the cambial ring activity, the outer layers such as cortex cells and epidermis get crushed. This is the time when the cork cambium develops as a new protective layer. Cork cambium starts to differentiate cells and form outer cork (phellem) and inner secondary cortex (phelloderm).

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