What is rancidity?

Rancidity is a very general term and in its most general meaning, it refers to the spoilage of food in such a way that it becomes undesirable for consumption. Food turns rancid when the fats and oils within them get oxidized and the taste and smell of the food change due to this reason. E.g.: Oil becomes rancid due to the decomposition of fats it contains or sometimes milk becomes rancid due to not heating it in a humid atmosphere, etc.

How to control rancidity

Rancidity can be controlled by

  1. Adding antioxidants to foods
  2. Keeping food items in a closed container
  3. Refrigerating food can also help in reducing rancidity
  4. Replacing oxygen in the containers with another gas.

Further Reading

  1. Define corrosion and rancidity with example.
  2. Rancidity can be prevented by (1) Adding antioxidants (2) Storing food away from light (3) Keeping food in the refrigerator (4) All of these.

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