What is Standing or stationary waves?

When two harmonic waves of equal frequency and amplitude travelling through a medium (say string) in opposite directions superimpose each other, we get stationary waves. Suppose the two waves are

\({{y}_{1}}=Asin left( kx-omega t right)\) and \({{y}_{2}}=Asin left( kx+omega t right)\)

By the principle of superposition their sum is


or \(y=Aleft[ sin left( kx-omega t right)+sin left( kx+omega t right) right]\)

By using the identity,

\(sin A+sin B=2sin left( frac{A+B}{2} right)cos left( frac{A-B}{2} right),\)

We obtain \(y=2Asin left( kx right)cos left( omega t right)\)

Or \(y=2Asin left( frac{2pi x}{lambda } right)cos left( frac{2pi t}{T} right)\)

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