What is starch? write short notes on it.

The structure of starch is more complex than that of cellulose. It is insoluble in cold water, but grinding and soaking makes them form a colloidal solution. Partial hydrolysis of starch and glycogen produces the disaccharide maltose and a low molecular weight dextran. Starch is but not a linear polymer. Hydrolysis of starch yields of two fractions. About 20% of the hydrolyzed product is a water-soluble material called amylose. Amylose is a linear chain of several thousand glucose units joined by alpha C-1 to C-4 glycoside bonds. Amylose solutions are colloidal dispersions of hydrated micelles. The majority of the starch is of much higher molecular weight substance, consisting of nearly a million glucose units, and called amylopectin. Molecules of amylopectin is a branched network of glucose units in addition to the linear chain connected by C-1 to C-6 glycoside links, and are essentially water-insoluble.

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