What is statistics in frequency distribution?

Statistics is a very useful subject that’s originated from mathematics. It is study is started in middle school as well as becomes a separate subject in higher-level mathematics. Statistics is a systematic study of collection, organization as well as analysis of data for a research or a survey. It is quite helpful in the forecast as well as prediction of various results from the well-organized data A statistical data may consists of a list of numbers related to a research. Among those numbers, few may be repeated twice as well as even more than twice. The repetition of number is a data set is termed as frequency of that particular number or the variable in which that number is assigned. The frequencies of variables in a data are to be listed in a table. This table is known as frequency distribution table as well as the list is referred as frequency distribution This page includes the study of frequency distribution with various examples. Our study on frequency distribution includes a. study on cumulative frequency, mean frequency table. Frequency distribution can be defined as the tabulation of the values with one or more variables. A frequency distribution is defined as an orderly arrangement of data. classified according to the magnitude of the observations

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