Angle of Dip Definition

What is Angle of Dip?

Angle of dip is also known as the magnetic dip and is defined as the angle that is made by the earth’s magnetic field lines with the horizontal.
The angle of dip varies from point to point by providing the information related to the movement of the earth’s magnetic field.  The angle of dip is said to be positive when the magnetic field points downwards. When the magnetic field points upwards, the angle of dip is said to be negative.

The angle of dip is 0° when the dip needle rests horizontally while the angle of dip is 90° when the dip needle rests vertically.

When the horizontal component and the vertical component of the earth’s magnetic field are equal, the angle of dip is equal to 45°.

What is the angle of dip at the equator?

Angle of dip at the equator is equal to 0° because the the magnetic lines of forces are perfectly horizontal such that even the magnetic needle is horizontal there.

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