What is the audible range of sound for human beings?


Humans and animals hear by picking up on vibrations caused by sound waves in the air. we ‘catch’ these vibrations in our middle ear where they’re transferred into pressure waves. The number of sound vibrations emitted per second is known as the frequency which is measured in hertz (Hz). The lower (or higher) the frequency, the lower (or higher) the pitch of the sound.

  • The human hearing range is called the audible range.
  • The audible range of sound for a human being is 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.
  • For a person with normal hearing, when it comes to pitching the human hearing range starts low at about 20 Hz. the highest possible frequency heard without discomfort is 20,000Hz.
  • While 20 to 20,000Hz forms the absolute borders of the human hearing range.
  • The professional uses the audiogram to establish your hearing loss and as a tool for fitting hearing aids.

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