What is the colour and shape of white blood cells?

White Blood cells (WBC)

  • The WBC are referred to as Leukocytes.
  • They serve as a defense against all pathogens in human body.
  • WBC creates a different sort protein called antibodies that recognize and counter the foreign agents like fungi, viruses and bacteria that infect the human body.
  • The WBC in the cells comprises recognizable granule-like structures. Thus their name is Granulocytes and they do not contain agranulocytes.
  • WBCs account for 1 per cent of the total quantity of blood and they are colourless, since these lack haemoglobin.

Shape and colour

WBCs have an irregular shape. As the name suggests the colour of the cells are white.

Lifespan of WBC

The lifespan of WBC is 12-20 days. After that, they are destroyed in the lymphatic system. The immature WBCs are released from the bone marrow into the peripheral blood and are called bands or stabs. The lifespan of WBC changes with age.

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