What is the difference between parasites and predators?


  1. It feeds on another organism called prey.
  2. Predator is larger and stronger than the prey.
  3. It kills the prey.
  4. Predator feeds on killed prey.
  5. Predator comes in contact with prey for catching and eating.
  6. In predator-prey relationship the stronger organism is benefited.
  7. Adults or young may be predatory. In a number of cases the young are predatory but the adults are not.


  1. Parasite does not immediately kill the host though the latter may die of prolonged exploitation.
  2. Parasite may feed over the host from outside or inside.
  3. It may have temporary or permanent contact with the host.
  4. Host specificity is more common in the parasite.
  5. Many parasites have hooks, claws or suckers to attach to their host.
  6. Both adults and young can be parasitic. In some cases the young are parasites but the adult is not.
  7. A parasitoid is an organism that has young that develop on or within another organism (the host), eventually killing it.

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