What is the electron configuration of the Gallium atom?

The electronic configuration of an element is a symbolic notation of the manner in which the electrons of its atoms are distributed over different atomic orbitals. While writing electron configurations, a standardized notation is followed in which the energy level and the type of orbital are written first, followed by the number of electrons present in the orbital written in superscript.


Gallium is a chemical element with atomic number 31. The Solid gallium is of blue-gray metal having orthorhombic crystalline structure whereas a very pure gallium is coated with stunning silvery color.

Electronic Configration

Gallium belongs to group 13 elements. The group 13 elements are the first group in the p-block of the periodic table. All the elements of group 13 are also called the boron family. The periodic table is segregated into s, p, d and f-blocks. The general electronic configuration for the group 13 elements is ns2 np1.

The electronic configuration of Gallium is [Ar] 3d104s24p1


Listed below are the few properties of Gallium

  • This metal can be easily extracted as a by-product from iron pyrites, zinc blende, germanite, and bauxite.
  • It is solid at room temperature but when it comes in contact with cesium, mercury, and rubidium it becomes liquid (when heated slightly).
  • This element has been considered as a possible heat exchange medium in nuclear reactors.


Listed below are the uses of Gallium

  • It is used in Blue-ray technology, blue and green LEDs, mobile phones and pressure sensors for touch switches.
  • Gallium nitride acts as a semiconductor. It consists of certain properties that make it very versatile.

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