what is the formula for equivalent conductivity and how is it different from molar conductivity formula

The term ‘equivalent conductance’ can be defined as the net conductance of every ion that is produced from one gram equivalent of a given substance. It can be calculated using the following formula: λ = kV; where the term ‘V’ denotes the volume (in millilitres) that contains one gram equivalent of the given electrolyte. Another related term is ‘molar conductance’, which can be defined as the net conductance of all the ions produced when one mole of an electrolyte undergoes complete dissociation into its constituent ions. The formula for molar conductance is quite similar to that of equivalent conductance, but it is denoted by the symbol ‘μ’. The formula that can be used to calculate molar conductance is: μ = kV.

It is important to note that equivalent conductance can be calculated as: equivalent conductance = (molar conductance) /n; where n = (molecular mass)/(equivalent mass)

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