What is the function of a stem in the plant?


The stem is the portion of the plant that sits above the ground. Tree bark is grey in colour, and younger stems are coloured green. It forms the foundation of the method of shooting and contains leaves, flowers and fruits.

The main function of a stem in plants

  1. A stem performs a variety of functions that are important for various biochemical processes, including photosynthesis.
  2. It gives an accurate structure and foundation for a plant that later develops into a tree.
  3. The stem’s main role is to hold onto the plant buds, flowers, leaves, and fruits.
  4. A stem helps the plants together with the roots, helping them stand up straight and perpendicular to the ground.
  5. It is the component that transports water and mineral from the root to many other areas of the tree and prepares food from leaves.
  6. Stems are one of the plant storerooms where the prepared food is processed in starch form.
  7. Few stems help to replicate by vegetative propagation and also help to grow flowers and fruit.

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