What is the hybridization state of carbon in carbondioxide?


Hybridization is the process of combining two atomic orbitals with the same energy levels to produce a degenerated new class of orbitals. Quantum mechanics is used to describe this intermixing. Only atomic orbitals with the same energy level can participate in hybridization, and both complete and half-filled orbitals can participate in this process if their energies are similar.

Carbon monoxide

Carbon dioxide is colourless and odourless gas in nature. It has the chemical formula CO2. It plays a vital role in the occurrence of life on the earth. The gas is vital for the process of photosynthesis.

The carbon dioxide molecule has two double bonds between the carbon and oxygen atoms. Each double bond is made up of one sigma and one pi bond, so a carbon dioxide molecule contains two sigma and two pi bonds.

Hybridization state of carbon in CO

The hybridization state of carbon in carbon dioxide is sp. Two sp hybridized orbitals of the carbon atom overlap with two p orbitals of the oxygen atom to form 2 sigma bonds while the other two electrons of carbon are involved in Π-Π bonding with oxygen atom.

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