Explain the importance of reproduction in organisms.

Reproduction is essential for organisms. The organisms reproduce to produce young ones like them. It helps to carry on their generation. If reproduction does not take place, no living being will survive on the earth. Had the reproduction process not been there, then all the plants and animals would have become extinct. Secondly, special characters of an organism are carried over to its next-generation through reproduction only.

  • Reproduction helps in maintaining a proper balance among various biotic constituents of the ecosystem.
  • Without a mechanism for Reproduction, life would come to an end.
  • When a single parent is involved, and no gamete formation occurs, the method is called asexual reproduction.
  • When two parents are involved and gamete formation takes, the method is called sexual reproduction.
  • Reproduction is essential in creating variations in species through genetic recombination.
  • Reproduction prevents all kinds of organisms from becoming extinct.

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