What Is The Importance Of The 3 Subatomic Particles?

The main three subatomic particles are Protons, electrons and neutrons. The Importance of these three subatomic particles are given below.

  • Protons – Protons are particles that are positively charged and are also located in the nucleus. Protons, including neutrons, give the atom mass but are not involved in chemical reactions. The number of protons that an atom has is called the atomic number and determines the identity of the atom.
  • Electrons – Electrons are particles that are negatively charged and found in shells that surround the nucleus. They essentially have no mass, but in chemical reactions, they play an important role. The first shell of electrons could accommodate two electrons. Additional shells of electrons (if present) will contain up to eight electrons for most relevant atoms.
  • Neutrons – Neutrons are neutral (no charge) particles contained in the core (the nucleus) of the atom. Neutrons give the atom mass (weight), but are not involved in chemical reactions.

Subatomic Particle


Relative Charge





Inside the nucleus




Outside the nucleus present in the orbit.




Inside the nucleus

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