What is the main purpose of the mid day meal scheme? What is the reason behind the development of vocational streams?


The main purposes of introducing the mid-day meal scheme were to provide nutrition to elementary students belonging to the disadvantaged society, increase attendance in schools, increase enrollment of children in schools who belonged to disadvantaged sections of the society, and to retain children from Class 1 to Class 8. 

The main reason behind providing vocational training in India is to reduce the gap between demand and supply of qualified labour, provide an alternative education for those seeking higher education, and very importantly to enhance the employability of individuals.

The Mid-day meal scheme in India is the world’s largest school meal programme. The first state in India to implement the mid-day meal scheme was the Tamil Nadu Government. The Mid-day meal scheme in India is implemented by the Ministry of Education. The mid-day meal cost is shared between Centre and the States. 

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