What is the modern periodic law?

Elements’ physical and chemical properties are a periodic function of their atomic numbers (or protons).

Modern periodic law states that the properties of elements are dependent on their atomic numbers, and elements show similar properties at regular intervals of increasing atomic numbers.

The following are some of the most essential characteristics of the contemporary periodic table.

  • The atomic numbers of the elements are arranged in ascending order.
  • Periods are the seven horizontal rows, and groups are the eighteen vertical columns.
  • Because they all have the same number of outer electrons, the elements in a group have comparable physical and chemical properties. However, as we progress from top to bottom in a group, they show a steady change.
  • Moving from left to right, the qualities of the elements in a period change gradually. As we move from left to right, the atomic size decreases.
  • When compared to Mendeleev’s 63 elements, the contemporary periodic table has more elements.

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