What is the other name for anode rays?


Anode rays are also called canal rays since they pass through the holes or canals of the cathode.

Why anode rays are called canal rays?

These rays are particle beams that travel in a direction opposite to the cathode rays, which are electron waves that move through the anode. These positive rays were called Kanal strahlen by Goldstein, channel rays or canal rays, because the holes or channels in the cathode formed them.

How canal rays are produced?

  • The electrons emitted from the cathode collide with the gas atoms found in the tube, knocking one or two additional electrons out of each of these atoms.
  • This collisions leave behind ions which are positively charged.
  • The produced positive ions travel towards the cathode.
  • Any of the positive ions pass through the perforations that create canal rays in the cathode disc.
  • Both electric and magnetic fields deflect the channel rays in the same direction from the cathode rays.

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