What is the percentage of lead in lead pencils?

There is no percentage of lead in lead pencils, or we can say zero percentage of lead. The pencils are nowadays made of graphite, which is an allotrope of carbon.


Lead pencil is a misnomer. The shine of a newly sharpened pencil is due to the accumulation of graphite and not due to metal lead. Lead is a very toxic metal.

  • The black substance inside a pencil is graphite.
  • Graphite despite being a non-metal has a property of a metal that is its lustrous nature.  Lead can’t be used in pencils since on contact with skin it may result in diseases like eczema or dermatitis.

Why graphites are used in pencil?

This slippery-sheet form makes the touch of graphite sloppy and makes it such a great writing content. The particles of the carbon sheet easily rub off the pencil centre and onto the page. This property also makes it an excellent dry lubricant for graphite powder.

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