What is the ph of a 0.00001 molar hcl solution?

The concentration of the solution is previously known to be 0.00001 molar (10-5M). It is now assumed that the solution has been diluted a thousand times. As a result, we may state that the new diluted solution’s concentration will be 10-5/1000=10-8 M. We know that the pH of a solution is a measurement of the number of protons present in that solution.

We know that the pH of the solution is the measure of protons present in the given solution.

We know that HCl dissolves to give protons and chloride ions. The dissociation reaction in aqueous medium can be given as below. HCl(aq) → H+(aq)+Cl(aq)

Scientist Sorenson defined that the negative logarithm of the concentration of hydrogen ions on the base of 10 present in the solution is the pH of the solution. So, we can write the formula of pH of the solution as

pH = −log[H+]

Now, we know that the new concentration of HCl in the solution is 10−8 M. Now, HCl is a strong acid and it dissolves completely in aqueous medium. So, the concentration of protons in the solution should be 10−8 M. So, we can write the formula of pH as

pH = −log[10−8]



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