What is the Principle of Electric Motor?

An armature is a power-producing component of an electric machine. The armature is either present on the rotor or the stator of the electric machine. The interaction of the armature with the magnetic flux can be done in the gap of air, the field element can include any stable magnets or electromagnets. The armature must carry current, so it is a conductor or a conductive coil always, sloping normal towards both the field as well as the motion direction, torque otherwise force. Following are the two major functions of armature:

  • The primary role is to transmit current across the field, therefore generating shaft torque within an active machine otherwise strength in a linear machine.
  • The second role of an armature is to produce an EMF (electromotive force). The electromotive force in an armature is created due to the relative motion between the armature and the field.

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