What is the process based upon Henry's law?

According to Henry’s law, the mass of gas that dissolves in a given mass of solvent at any temperature is directly proportional to its pressure of the gas above the surface of the solvent.

What is Henry’s law?

Henry’s law is a gas law that states that the amount of gas that is dissolved in a liquid is directly proportional to the partial pressure of that gas above the liquid when the temperature is kept constant.

P ∝ C (or) P = kH.C


  • ‘P’ denotes the partial pressure of the gas in the atmosphere above the liquid.
  • ‘C’ denotes the concentration of the dissolved gas.
  • ‘kH’ is Henry’s law constant of the gas.


Henry’s law comes into play every time a bottle of Pepsi (or any other carbonated drink) is opened. The gas above the unopened carbonated drink is usually pure carbon dioxide, kept slightly above the standard atmospheric pressure.

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