What is a radio wave?

Radio waves are the longest wavelength electromagnetic waves that are used for transmitting data from radio, satellites, and radar. These waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation and have a frequency from high 300 GHz to low as 3 kHz though around it is defined as above 3 GHz as microwaves. At 300 GHz, the wavelength is 1 mm and at 3 kHz is 100 km.

Properties of radio waves

Listd below are few properties of radio waves

  • Radio waves are a form of radiation known as electromagnetic waves. The wavelength of radio waves is longer than the infrared light.
  •  Radio waves can travel for a long distance.
  •  Radio waves can penetrate through materials.
  •  Radio waves cannot be felt and they are invisible.
  • Radio waves travel at the speed of light in vacuum.

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