What Is The Significance Of Transpiration In Plants?

All green plants require water to absorb and transport nutrients and other essential minerals from the soil through root nodules to different parts of the plant. Transpiration plays an important role in the existence of plants.

In all higher plants, transpiration functions as an excretory system by eliminating excess water from its tissues through the aerial parts of the plants. Stomatal, Lenticular and Cuticular are three different types of Transpiration

As discussed, Transpiration plays a significant role by removing excess water from the aerial parts of the plants. The Significance of Transpiration in plants includes:

  1. Keeps the cell turgid.
  2. Cools the surface of the leaves.
  3. Helps in growth and development.
  4. It controls the temperature of the plants.
  5. Allows the movement of minerals from the soil to different parts of the plant.

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